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About me


-General Medicine degree at the Mexican School of Medicine of La Salle University
-Specialty of General Surgery at the Hospital Central Sur de Alta Especialidad de PEMEX endorsed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico


Publications in various articles in international journals of General Surgery, Laparoscopic and Clinical Nutrition as well as various book chapters in the same specialties.

Postgraduate studies

-Subspecialty of Advanced Laparoscopy at Dr's Hospital in Miami Florida under the tutelage of Dr. Moises Jacobs, being endorsed by the University of Miami.
-Fellowship in colon and rectal surgery and research at the Colon and Rectal Clinic of Orlando under the tutelage of Dr. Andrea Ferrara

Management Positions

- Director of the Mexican School of Medicine of La Salle University
- Director of Health Sciences of UNITEC and Laureate International Universities.

Medical Associations

Active partner of:
- Mexican Association of General Surgery
- Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery
- Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
- College of Postgraduates in General Surgery
- Latin American Federation of Surgery
- Latin American Association of Endoscopic Surgery
- Mexican College of Clinical Nutrition.

Appointments and decorations

- Former president of the Mexican College of Clinical Nutrition.
- Award for academic excellence from the Universidad Anahuac México Norte on 3 occasions

Academia Mexicana de Cirugía

Surgeries Performed

Gastric reflux

Associations to which I belong


Endoscopic Surgery

Difficult laparoscopic fundoplication and cholecystectomy in a patient after left hepatectomy. Case report

Latin American Journal of Surgery

Application of the perioperative nutritional management protocol in the repair of a cholecysto-duodenum-colonic fistula


Efficacy of Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 for infantile colic


Borderline Ovarian Tumor: Case Report and Literature Review

Mexican Clinics of Internal Medicine. Vol. 2: Preoperative Medicine

Physiological response to surgery and anesthesia

Endonutrition. Nutritional support

Implementation of nutritional therapy

Endoscopic Surgery

Long-term follow-up of reinforcement for closure of the hiatus with biological mesh: Initial experience of a novel technique

Diabetes and Metabolism

Transcultural Diabetes Nutrition Algorithm: The Mexican Application

Current Diabetes Reports

Diabetes-Specific Nutrition Algorithm: A Transcultural Program to Optimize Diabetes and Prediabetes Care

Acta Médica Grupo Ángeles

Esophageal perforation due to lowering of a dental prosthesis, a case report

Clinical Nutrition: The Interface Between Metabolism, Diet, and Disease

Diabetes-Specific Nutrition Algorithm: A Transcultural Program to Optimize Diabetes and Prediabetes Care


Nutrition strategies in vein wasting syndrome

Latin American Journal of Surgery

Mexican Consensus on Perioperative Nutrition. Cancun Group

Journal of Gastroenterology of Mexico

Pancreatic pseudocyst, primary infection by Torulopsis glabrata. Case report

Laparoscopic Surgery

Role of endoscopy as an adjunct of laparoscopic surgery.

Selected Topics in Internal Medicine 2012

Perioperative nutritional assessment

Extended Curriculum

Medical Doctor graduated from Mexican Faculty of Medicine of La Salle University.

Specialties in General Surgery and Advanced Laparoscopy made in theCentral Sur High Specialty Hospital of Petróleos Mexicanos under the tutelage of Dr. Javier Luna Martínez and endorsed by theNational Autonomous University of Mexico.

Techniques on basic and advanced laparoscopic surgery as well as bariatric surgery at Dr’s Hospital de Miami Florida under the tutelage of Dr. Moises Jacobs and Gustavo Plasencia, endorsed by University of Miami.

Made a Clinical research Fellowship at the Colon and Rectal Clinic of Orlando Florida under thetutelage of Dr. Andrea Ferrara.

During his training as a resident of General Surgery he was Head of the Department of Clinical Nutrition Under the tutelage of Dr. Javier Luna Martinez, after this he took several preparatory courses in the area such as the Total Nutritional Therapy (TNT) course, the Advanced Course in Clinical Nutrition of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism ESPEN and American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition ASPEN.

Has been Associate Professor of the module General Surgery the university extension course and the Surgical Pathology in the eighth semester of the Mexican School of Medicine of La Salle University, he participated as a full professor of the subject of Implementation of Nutritional Therapy of the Master of Clinical Nutrition of the Universidad Anahuac México Norte, He was a professor of the subject of Clinical Nutrition In sixth semester at the Mexican School of Medicine of La Salle University, he was a tenured professor at the specialty of Clinical Nutrition from the Autonomous University of Mexico.

Participated as advisor and speaker of laboratories Abbott Nutrition. He served as advisor to the Kellogg’s Institute of Nutrition and Health and for the National Poultry Institute. He actively participates in various national and international conferences on General Surgery, Endoscopic Surgery and Clinical Nutrition as Professor or Speaker at them.

For his teaching activity he has received the Award for Academic Excellence from the Universidad Anáhuac México Norte on several occasions.

He was a Member of the Advisory Council of La Salle University, Mexican School of Medicine, until 2010and was its Director from March 2013 to February 2015.

From August 2015 to May 2019 he served as Director General of Health Sciencesfor the Technological University of Mexico (UNITEC) and Laureate International Universities.

He is currently the Medical Coordinator of Surgical Areasof the Hospital Faro del Mayab that belongs to the network of Hospitals of Christus Muguerza, 2019 to date.

He is a member of various scientific associations, such as the Mexican Association of General Surgery, the Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery, the Latin American Federation of Surgery, the Latin American Association of Endoscopic Surgery, an active member of the Postgraduate College in General Surgery, A.C., theMexican Association of Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy A.C. of which he was President during the period 2008-2010 and the American College of Surgeons.

Among his academic contributions, is the free works authorship national and international in the Congresses of General and Endoscopic Surgery as well as in Latin American associations of General Surgery. Has been article author from various scientific journals in General and Endoscopic Surgery; He has also written national and international book chapters on topics of Surgery and Clinical Nutrition.